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Where Vocal Brilliance Meets Acoustic Mastery!

Born in Hampshire, Ollie Bliss is a versatile singer, songwriter, and guitarist celebrated for his distinctive interpretations of songs spanning every musical era. 

His repertoire travels effortlessly from 60s Motown classics to 00s indie hits, showcasing a wide musical range, from Otis Redding to Arctic Monkeys.

What sets him apart is his ability to seamlessly adapt…Whether it's setting a subtle musical backdrop or igniting the crowd with his fervent and soulful performances, Ollie's a hit.





A unique and soulful experience, show after show.

His selection of covers carries a slightly alternative edge, resulting in curated setlists that inspire nuance and refinement - a refreshing departure from the typical acoustic singer.

 His vibrant guitar style and expressive technique stand as a testament to his musicality.

With over a decade of live performance experience, he possesses an innate ability to read the atmosphere of any room, ensuring each performance hits all the right notes.


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Reviews of Ollie Bliss

  Honestly blew my mind!...

“Honestly blew my mind! His original take on already brilliant songs, coupled with his insane vocals meant the whole bar quite literally went wild. Cannot wait for him to play next!” Jennifer   |   Wedding  |   Wales

  I absolutely love him!...

“OMG I absolutely love him! Currently listening to him and he is amazing!” Emma   |   Birthday Party  |   Wales

  Outstanding voice! ...

“Amazing singer with an outstanding voice! Couldn’t give the guy enough credit if I tried!” Bill   |   Wedding  |   Surrey

  The most soulful and talented chap around....

“The most soulful and talented chap around. It was such a pleasure having him play for us.” Bex   |   Wedding  |   Hampshire